Creative Collaborators

Creative Collaborators

SPARK! Creative Collaborators are the heartbeat of the SPARK! mission – to ignite the spark of creativity inherent in all children. Our vision is to offer a unique environment that, combined with creative programming inspires minds, builds confidence, and shapes the future of all children. World-renowned artists frequently collaborate with SPARK! volunteers to create the ever-evolving environment that children and guests see today. This page features our Creative Collaborators.

We invite you to visit SPARK! and scan the QR Codes at the installations or click below to learn more.

Butterfly Doors

Butterfly Floor Mosaic 

Car Wash

Chinese Dragon Slide and Nest

Climb, Crawl, Slide Sculpture

Column Mosaics and Soda Can Butterflies

Ellie & Ellie’s Baby

Lady Butterfly

Lion’s Head

Outer Space


Shipwreck & Lighthouse

Space Tunnel

Steam Punk Crawl 

Suspended Flight

Tropical Rainforest