Ellie & Scorch, Ellie’s Baby

Ellie’s Artists: Pascale Pryor and Linda De Los Santos
Scorch, Ellie’s Baby Artists: Michelle Sin and Volunteers

Ellie was the prize winning float of the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras parade in 2017.  Pascale Pryor and Linda De Los Santos lead a group of friends in their annual pursuit of parade glory by fashioning Ellie.  After winning first place, they donated Ellie to SPARK! so that she could live on and entertain. Ellie has since become the subject of a creative writing lesson plan for us.

Hatched in Summer 2019, Ellie’s first offspring has since been named Scorch.  This installation is the brainchild of Michelle Sin. Michelle offered the creation as a collaborative project for families and led them through design, paper mache and painting throughout the months of May and June 2019.