Phase 1

A key evaluative tool and integral piece of the SPARK! model is research. Working with Dr. Magdalena Grohman at UTD and Dr. James Catterall, Professor Emeritus at UCLA we have developed the first phase of our research: a pre and post-visit survey that measures the immediate impact of the SPARK! experience and programming on each child’s creative self-definition and self-efficacy to engage in creative work. As phase one of our research is still in progress, formalized results are not yet available. However, in initial analysis of surveys conducted to-date, it is clear that children are leaving SPARK! more confident in their creativity. In the open-ended section at the end of the post-survey, children are asked what they learned at SPARK!

Phase 2

The launch of the Metamorphosis Project will begin phase two of our research. All Metamorphosis Project participants will have at least three engagements with SPARK! programming and creative environment, allowing for a deeper evaluation of a child’s creative development over time and visits. Proposed funding of $10,000 will be allocated toward defining phase two evaluation methodology, purchase of equipment to administer surveys, and analysis of data.

True Change

In the post-survey, we asked students what they learned about themselves while at SPARK! Here are a few of our favorite responses.

“Unplanned, impromptu creativity is the best kind of creativity,” -Sophia, 15.

“I can go beyond my imagination to build my dreams,” -Kate, 8.

“I learned that it is fun and okay to be imaginative & creative. I also learned that I could do anything if I believed in myself,” -Alex, 13.