Meet David Hawkins

david hawkins

Meet David Hawkins, a tile artist who is creating mosaic masterpieces to go on  our columns in SPARK! David is a creative individual who has lots of  experience trying unique materials and methods to make art.

“Last year I used a bunch of old fence wood, Styrofoam, and cheap fabric to  make a full sized World War I bi-plane crash into the roof of my barn.  I just  like to make stuff.”

His work with SPARK! has combined his passion for creativity with our focus  on a colorful and exciting environment.

“The columns we are tiling for SPARK add a bit of contrast and color to a very  industrial space.  We are using the same tile you might find in a bathroom, but  when you break it and put the various pieces together, like assembling a puzzle,  they form an organic mix of lines and shapes that is very pleasing to the eye.”

David has also included some interesting surprises in his work for you to find.

“If you’re there, look for the LEGO mini figure or the Texas state, or a few math symbols.  Don’t forget to check out the piano keys and music notes tiled into one of the columns.”

We are thankful David chose to get involved with SPARK! and we are inspired by his love and passion for creativity.

“It is so easy to dampen a child’s imagination by simply encouraging them to color within the lines or telling them that this is the way we do it.  Children have loads of built in imagination and creativity.  They see the world with unfiltered eyes, and they have the energy and excitement to make things happen.  I see SPARK! as an organization specifically built to bring out and lift up a child’s creativity.  Many children will never get the opportunities to experience artistic creativity like they will while at SPARK!  The creativity developed and encouraged by SPARK! will change their lives forever.”

Thank you David for your amazing work!

david hawkins 2