Outer Space

Artist: Jesse Larson

Jesse Larson’s work can be see throughout the upper gallery, specifically in the spectacular lighting and the dragonfly with an eight foot wingspan! Just look up in the upper gallery and you can see Larson’s creative vision. Artist and musician Jesse Larson took the gallery from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space as he fashioned a many piece, multi-media installation on the ceiling at entry and across the east wall.  The musician in him brought the collection of albums and CDs to the wall while the canvases and lights feature his artistic side.

Artist’s Perspective

I have been developing and pursuing my artistic ideas since I was three. My abilities first emerged as a drummer, recording my first record at the age of five, followed by 44 years of performing and recording. Over the years I have expanded my creative endeavors to include poetry, painting, and sculpture, contributing to three Whimsy events. I have installations at SPARK! and am an advocate for the way SPARK! inspires creativity. In my painting style I use smooth transitions of color in sweeping lateral strokes, usually in real time with no sketch or template. Even though the colors or lines may be in stark contrast, they seem to belong to the flow of the piece. Like day dreaming, you start with one thought and the next thing you know you’re thinking about something completely different. You never question the transition; you only find the comfort in thinking what if?