Daily Archives: July 2, 2015

Fostering Creativity by Developing TEDx Talks – For Kids 10 – 18

SPARK! is excited to offer our first programs with TEDxSMU.  TEDx Kid Talks help our youth develop their great ideas into good and great presentations.  We love TED Talks as they help to develop confidence in young presenters, spark new thoughts in the audience and make us think like a kid once again.  Creativity springs to life when kids are invited to share their ideas with a city wide audience.  We’re partnering with TEDxSMU and DHD Films to create a unique opportunity for kids 10 – 18.

On July 15 we present: “Turn Your Great Idea Into a TED Talk.”  150 spaces are available – please register:  TEDxKidsInfo  This session is perfect for any kid who has an idea they believe needs to be heard, for those who wonder what a TED Talk is, and those who’ve begun working on their TED Talk.

Then on August 7th we’re here to help coach the kids through their audition tape, record their presentation and post to the TEDx web site.  TEDxSMU staff will be on-hand to assist with the final tweaking and preparation for recording.  Professionals from DHD Films will be set-up in the SPARK! recording booths to video the audition tapes.  All auditions will be uploaded to the TEDxSMU submission page.

For more information: TEDxSMU Kids 2015

Spread the word and let’s hear what the kids are thinking about.