Introducing Meg Bittner, Executive Director

We’re writing to share with you that founders Bev and Devon Davis, are turning over the leadership of SPARK! The Board of Directors along with our founders are excited to announce Meg Bittner, new Executive Director, as she guides SPARK! into the future.

“Fun is just the onramp,” Meg says of the SPARK! effect on young lives. “We’re about creativity and what it can do for kids’ entire lives.”

Meg’s college degree in arts opened her first career in graphic arts, where visuals meet business strategies. Seven summer sessions as director at Camp Esperanza, a camp for kids with cancer, sparked her next career in nonprofits at Ronald McDonald House, The Family Place, and the Dallas Arboretum.

Now to stir creativity in school kids, starting with downstream programming for four DISD schools with limited art instruction budgets. Dallas sits on amazing talent,” Meg says with wonder. “One of my many goals is to help our kids assemble and submit portfolios to apply to Booker T. Washington school for the performing arts.” Another is for kids across the Metroplex to be able to attend SPARK! summer camp free of charge.

“SPARK! is like a magic playground of creative new energy sources for kids,” Meg says. “That’s a joy to multiply.” And for the ones who believe they are not “artists”? “Common misconception,” Meg says shaking her head. “As if ‘art’ only means ‘fine arts.’

Your support over the years, has enabled SPARK! to reach more than 68,000 children with programming such as PRISMATIC, Creativity Showcase, Creator Studio, School Field Trips, Summer Camps, and so much more. We are grateful for your belief in and support of our mission to ignite the spark of creativity inherent in all children.