SPARK! Programming

New Toys at SPARK!

Giant Light Bright

Brace yourself for a blast from the past. We’re certain you’ll feel nostalgic when you get your hands on the bigger than life-size version of this beloved toy. While attending an IAAPA conference in Orlando, Florida, the SPARK! team decided a Giant Light Bright was a great way to engage kids in fun, creative play. With more than five colors to choose from, guests can create words and images with sidewalk chalk-sized pegs. You can even black out spaces with black-colored pegs! The Giant Light Bright is available during all public events as well as scheduled group visits.



Web-Enabled Photo Kiosk

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words – and we believe you’ll have LOTS to say about SPARK! Check out the kiosk, strike a pose in front of the green screen and select from several SPARK! themed backdrops to get those creative juices flowing behind (and in front of) the lens. Be your own photographer and jump in front of scenes including the capsized ship and multi-colored mermaid. Throw a party or event at SPARK! and you’ll receive printing privileges for these special, hand-held memories. Customized backdrops with company logos or names are available for private events.



Spend Your Birthday At SPARK!

Looking for a unique twist on birthday parties?

Celebrate at SPARK! and let your guests explore their creativity in our fully-immersive, creative environment. Get lost in the 6,000-square-foot Climb, Crawl, Slide Sculpture or join a creative, instructor-led activity. All before you cut the cake.

Why is creativity so important to us? Because kids who identify as creative individuals are more likely to receive higher test scores, finish high school, go to college, get good jobs and become contributing members of society. Sure beats a goody bag, right?

SPARK! birthday parties are not only an opportunity for friends and families to create and play together, but a chance to teach kids how to give back, even on a day that’s about them. All the proceeds from parties benefit our programs and support our mission to ignite the spark of creativity inherent in all children.

Find more information on our birthday party packages here.

Stop Motion Video – All the Rage

Stop Motion Video
Stop Motion Video was unveiled at SPARK! this Saturday. SPARK! explores and ignites creativity by introducing children and families to a number of different disciplines. Instructor Lynn Raines created a wide assortment of props taking visitors from the streets of Dallas to the waves of the bay. Check out the fun on our You Tube Video
is now taking reservations for group visits, check out our calendar of events and join the creative movement.

SPARK! Opens To Children

SPARK! opened Tuesday.


It’s been a rewarding week as three groups of children from Communities in Schools, third graders, middle school and high school students experienced SPARK!  They loved our Climb, Crawl, Slide sculpture and customized programming.

This young lady was our very first “second time visitor.”  From Lady Bird Johnson Middle school, she visited first in April during World Creativity and Innovation week and painted this hubcap to be installed at SPARK!  This week she returned to find her hubcap affixed to the SPARK! wavy bridge.  Her emotions, a combination of excitement and pride were a thrill to witness.  Our mission: To ignite the spark of creativity inherent in all children is manifested through experiences such as this.

Programming for the summer is off to a great start with over 300 children scheduled through August.  We look forward to working with these children, immersing them in creativity and helping them develop their own craetive works.  We have opportunities for more groups. We serve children second grade through high school and take reservations for groups of 24 or more children.  Sign up soon and make sure the kids you love get to experience SPARK! before they go back to school.

Communities In Schools Visit

Thank you to our friends at Communities in Schools for sharing your creativity with us yesterday! We had a great time painting recycled hubcaps to be creative installations in our ProtoSPARK! space.

Communities In Schools is an organization that surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Their evidence-based approach, adapted to meet each community’s unique needs, is the basis for their success.

We look forward to partnering with you again as programming begins this summer!

CISDR Group Photo