Creator Studio


The SPARK! Creator Studio provides students ages ten (10) through high school a collaborative workshop environment where they can use a wide array of tools and technologies to build, invent, create and problem-solve. This program combines the equipment of a Makerspace, technology of a Computer Lab and materials of a Tinker Studio.

Students are trained to use a variety of analog and digital tools, attend skill-building workshops led by professionals, artists, artisans and engineers, and engage in self-selected and self-directed projects based on their strengths and interests.

Hours: Sundays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Cost:  Because of our generous benefactors, the SPARK! Creator Studio is offered free of charge.

Get a more personalized experience through one of our Creator Classes.  Register by emailing your completed registration packet along with your preferred class at

Creator Studio Registration Packet

Class Description Student Ages # Spots Available Instructor Day Dates Duration Time
Intro to Soldering: Video Mixer Students learn the basics of soldering, build Karl Klomps Video Mixer. 10-18 2 Quentin Sunday 10/6/2019 1 hour 12:30
3D Printed Fridge Magnets Students will design their own fridge magnets on TinkerCad. Designs will then be printed and attached to a small magnet 8-10 4 Aimee Monday 10/7/2019 2 hours 4:30
Ozobot Obstacle Course Students program Ozobots to complete obstacle courses created by instructors. 8-10 4 Morgan/Quentin Wednesday 10/9/2019 2 hours 4:30
Food and Science: Custom Caviar Students will make synthetic caviar via Spherification, using ingredients of their choosing (fruit juice, ketchup, soy sauce, etc.) 8-10 7 Quentin Sunday 10/12/2019 1 hour 1:00 PM
Dungeons and Dragons: Part 1 Students are introduced to the basics of Table Top RPGs, design their own miniature pieces on TinkerCad. 8-18 4 Quentin/Morgan Tuesday 10/14/2019 1 1/2 Hours 17:00
Custom Jewlery Students design and 3D print their own necklace charms. 8-10 4 Aimee Wednesday 10/15/2019 1 1/2 Hours 4:30 PM
Sewing Custom Figures Part 1 Create your own pet while learning how to sew, and use the 3D pen. 8-12 4 Morgan Sunday 10/20/2019 2 Hours 12:00
Dungeons and Dragons: Part 2 Students are introduced to the basics of Table Top RPGs, design their own miniature pieces on TinkerCad. 8-18 4 Quentin/Morgan Wednesday 10/23/2019 1 1/2 Hours 5:00
Sewing Custom figures part 2: Adafruit (?) Use fiber-arts and technology to make your own monster. 8-12 4 Morgan Sunday 10/27/2019 1 1/2 Hours 1:00 PM
Intro to MIT Scratch Learn the basics of MIT Scratch. 9-11 4 Quentin Monday 10/28/2019 1 Hour 4:30
To register, email us at