Birthday Party Success


We’ve successfully hosted our first-ever birthday party at SPARK! It included piles of pizza, creamy cake, and exactly 35 friends and family. Under the direction of a SPARK! instructor, kids made bows and arrows from PVC pipe. The birthday boy, nine-year-old Perry, gave us a brief recap.


How many times have you been to SPARK!


What was the best part about having your birthday at SPARK!

The jungle gym

How was it different from other birthdays?

It’s bigger and much more fun

Do you think your friends had fun? What was their favorite part? 

Yes. Playing Perrianator (that’s this game where I’m a robot and if I touch them they become a Perrianator too)

How do you feel about the creative activity you did for your party?

It was fun. The bow was hard to use but using the drill was cool.

Do you want to come back to SPARK! again? If so, why?

Yes. To play on all the stuff.

What did you learn about being creative, while at SPARK! 

You can make stuff out of trash


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