SPARK! Vision


Our vision is to offer an environment that combined with creative programming inspires minds, builds confidence and shapes the future for all children.

By exposing a young generation to a fully immersive creative environment, we will empower today’s youth to become the problem solvers and innovators of the future.

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SPARK! opened in June 2015 and serves the children of our community through field trips, camps, after-school programming and weekend activities to ignite their creativity and augment their learning. We continually monitor and track the performance of our programs and the impact they have on the children we serve. We test, research, and develop programming that will have a positive, lasting influence on students’ academic performance, problem solving skills and self esteem. Program offerings continue to expanded to meet the myriad interests, technologies and opportunities for kids.



SPARK! was founded in 2010 by Beverly Davis, Devon Davis and Amy Hite. Inspired by visits to the City Museum in St. Louis, the founders’ vision is to bring a similar but expanded facility to Dallas. Studies show that children who self-define as creative have higher self-esteem, better problem solving skills and go further in their education. All children are inherently creative but not all children are given the opportunity to explore and develop their natural creativity. SPARK! lets children realize their true creative potential, positively affecting academic performance, confidence and self-esteem.