SPARK!Shops 2021

SPARK!Shops are creative workshops that give you and your family the opportunity to learn from a pro in his or her respective field.

We bring creative geniuses to SPARK! while private funds help underwrite the cost of these intimate creative learning sessions.  From Caricature Art to Fused Glass, from Mural Design to Screen Printing the class offerings are varied and are sure to capture the imagination.

Ranging from “Make and Take” to collaborative projects, SPARK!Shops are designed for families with children ages 7-18 and will guide you through the creative process.  Attendance is limited for each and SPARK! members receive discounts on class fees. Register early to save your spot.


Description: Go with the flow with artist Kimberly Kort as you learn all about the art of acrylic pouring! Explore different pouring techniques, try out tools to create fun effects. All materials are provided. 

When: TBD

Time: TBD

Number of People: 15

Price: $20 per person

Ages: 10-17

Social Media: 

Instagram: @kkartcreations

Facebook: @kkartcreations


Artist Bio 

Kimberly Kort is a local fine artist who specializes in acrylic fluid art. Kimberly Kort finds inspiration for her work in the beautiful views of nature that surrounds her and she allows the paint to interpret what she sees.I like my art to evoke different emotions and each time people see it they can interpret it differently based on their feelings and emotions. I want my art to help people get into a deeper thinking of what the eyes see and how the mind deciphers it. Art is in the eyes of all the beholders.”  Kimberly enjoys giving back to her community through her art because she believes that art should be enjoyed, help to heal, and provide a respite for the mind, body, and soul. She currently serves as the Executive Secretary on the board of the Texas Jewish Arts Association, sits on the board of the Richardson Civic Art Society, is a member of both the Plano Arts Association and Visual Arts Guild of Frisco.