Group Visit Activities

2018-2019 Group Visit Activities

SPARK! Signature Activities

Ellie the SPARK! Dragon: An Adventure in Creative Writing – $12.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Reading/Writing & Art

Create, illustrate, paint, and share a short story of Ellie’s journey to, and adventures while at, SPARK!

Building Big D’s Skyline – $12.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Math, Social Studies & Art

Dallas’s skyline is voted one of the top ten skylines in the world.  Join us at SPARK! where we explore Big D’s skyline and use team building skills to create a skyline of the future. 

Castles and Catapults – $10.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Science & Art

Work in groups to design and build castles and catapults using simple materials such as a cardboard box, popsicle sticks and rubber bands. Using their creations, they test for distance and accuracy. During the activity, learn about the iteration stage of the creative process, and how it allows them to reconfigure their design for distance and accuracy. They learn about the physics of stored energy and how fulcrum points change the results. When the catapults and castles are complete, they try to take down their opponent’s castle by launching their own boulder/fluff ball.

Life Cycle Butterflies – $10.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Science & Art

Using multimedia art, create a project that illustrates the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly, including egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), and adult butterfly stages.

Texas History: Reviewing Iconic and Historic Symbols and Landmarks – $10.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Social Studies & Art

Participants review the symbols and landmarks that are special to Texas and create a painted art piece incorporating these icons.

The Adaptable Snake – $10.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Science & Art

Participants illustrate a snake’s adaptive color and markings in its native environment. Participants learn how these unique markings help with survival in its habitat.

Roller Coaster Design Challenge – $10.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Science & Art

Participants learn about the force, motion and energy while working on teams to design and build a marble roller coaster.

3-Layer Water Cycle Murals – $9.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Science & Art

Participants create an art project that illustrates the steps of the water cycle which includes evaporation, condensation and precipitation. They create one part of the water cycle in a landscape format and pair it with other participants paintings to complete their water cycle

Design Your Own Planet – $9.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Science & Art

Participants learn facts about planets in our solar system. They then create a painting of one of the planets and have time to design their own unique planet.

Geometric Shape Monsters & Character Development – $9.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Reading/Writing & Art

Participants use geometric shapes to create made up monsters. They collaborate with their peers and discuss the personality of their monsters (silly, nice, smart…) and other characteristics. Extend the activity by writing a story about the monsters as a take home activity.

Insect Creations – $9.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Science & Art

Participants learn the body parts of insects. Then they use various materials to build their own insect, making sure to include the three main body parts, legs, and antennae.

Picasso Inspired Animals Created with Mathematical Angles – $9.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Math & Art

Participants learn how Pablo Picasso used geometric shapes to create works of art. They learn how to identify obtuse, right and acute angles and then use angles to draw and paint a cubist-inspired illustration of an animal.

SPARK! Zoo: Animal Classification – $9.00 per person

TEKS alignment: Science & Art

Learn about animal classifications while creating a team zoo that includes a mammal, bird, fish, reptile or amphibian. Within their individual art work are included facts about their animal classifications as well as any unique adaptations their animal may have.