Creativity: Define It

According to, the definition of creativity is as follows

: The ability to make new things or think of new ideas.

Our new idea? Redefine creativity and apply it to the SPARK! teaching philosophy. We define creativity as

: A sense of wonder that invites exploration and the discovery of new possibilities.

Sounds a little more exciting, right? We believe creativity is a language to be learned and the best way to instill creativity in children is full, creative immersion. All SPARK! instructors are practicing creative individuals who engage learners by leading them through the creative process. We believe that creativity is an iterative process. Our physical environment and creative programming support this belief by giving children opportunities to explore, fail, refine, and take risks.

If you want to start teaching your kids about the creative process now, don’t miss our February Family Day this Saturday. For the first time ever, you can purchase tickets in advance and add an instructor-led activity to your visit.