SPARK! Annual Fund

IT STARTS WITH ONE SPARK…that ignites one idea…that inspires one child…and impacts an entire community.  

Miriam Picture Art SuppliesFor Miriam, her love of DC Comics-inspired her first project at SPARK! Starting with the basics, she used pencil and paper to sketch her creative interpretation of the iconic DC hero Wonder Woman. Then, using a 3D pen, she brought her sketch to life. 

Inspired to keep her passion project going, she brainstormed and collaborated with SPARK! instructors to use Photoshop to design an elaborate backdrop for her Wonder Woman. Beyond gaining technical skills working with 3D pens and graphic design software, Miriam’s experience working through the creative process taught her valuable problem-solving skills, helped her overcome challenges, and increased her pride and self-esteem. 

Miriam is just one example of how creativity helps shape the minds of today’s youth. 

Educators and business leaders agree that creativity is one of the most essential skills for future success. But sadly, most public schools don’t have the time or resources to devote to creative learning.

Through field trips, camps, weekend activities, and the Creator Studio, SPARK! fills this void and gives local youth like Miriam the skills needed to thrive in their academic and career pursuits.

SPARK! impactful programs wouldn’t be possible without your generous support. With your tax-deductible donation, you are:
Miriam Picture Posed
$40 | Providing a creative learning outing for a family of four
$75 | Ensuring a full day of hands-on learning for a local student through SPARK! Camps
$120 | Providing materials for 12 campers for one week of SPARK! Camp
$275 | Promoting family learning for 150 participants through a weekend pop-up activity
$540 | Supporting an immersive, creative learning field trip experience for a class of 45

Our community’s youth need your help to keep the creative spark alive. Please give today using our secure online donation form for Miriam. For the children you love. For the future.




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