Be the SPARK!

IT ONLY TAKES A SPARK… to ignite an idea… inspire a child… impact a community… and impart a sense of wonder that invites exploration and the discovery of new possibilities.

Kids who define themselves as CREATIVE have higher self-esteem, increased problem solving skills, and better performance in school and in their careers. 84% of US Educators say that today’s curricula does not place enough emphasis on creative problem solving. CEO’s rate creativity as the #1 Leadership Skill of the Future.

The need for programs that Support Creative Learning is more urgent than ever. Limited resources available to schools due to shrinking budgets and the global pandemic have left both students and parents searching for accessible hands-on, creative resources.

You can be the SPARK that keeps these programs available for our community’s youth.

DONATE TODAY and support programs that help children discover their wings and let their creativity TAKE FLIGHT!

Your gift today will support:

  • The reopening of The Creator Studio, a makerspace inspired environment where students can work on projects inspired by their own passions and interests.
  • 10 weeks of fun-filled Creativity Camps hosted during spring and summer breaks.
  • Immersive, creative Learning Experiences for local schools.

Click the link below to donate via our secure online donation page, or mail your donation to SPARK! at 1409 Botham Jean Blvd, Ste 004, Dallas, TX 75215. We’re also on Venmo! @SPARKDallas

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