Welcome Aboard: Jessica Tyler

SPARK! welcomes a new board member, Jessica Tyler who brings years of business and leadership experience to the table. Jessica is currently serving as Director of Planning, Execution and Compliance for the Cargo Division of American Airlines.

“From the moment I heard about the mission of SPARK! I knew I wanted to help the organization thrive,” said Jessica. “Creativity is a misunderstood word, often confused or equated with an output – a piece of art, a score of music, or a dance or theatre production. But to me, creativity means a mind that is open to possibilities. And, to develop a mind like that takes real experiences that empower people to think differently about their world in a way that enables them to shape the outcomes they seek. SPARK! is a place that will provide those types of experiences that children need to become their absolute best.”

Jessica leads teams who are responsible for the planning and execution of the strategic plan and leads the division’s audit team that focuses on ensuring the safety and wellbeing of cargo’s global operation. Her responsibilities currently include a major business process and technology transformational initiative that will impact the way the cargo division does business for decades to come. Prior to her role at American Airlines, Jessica was a Global Practice Leader for two of Gallup, Inc.’s largest consulting practices.

“We are very thankful to Jessica for joining our team and bringing her wide variety of knowledge to SPARK!” said SPARK! President & CEO Beverly Davis. “We couldn’t be more excited that she’s decided to use her creative business mind to help further our mission. I know she’ll make an impact on the organization as a whole and be a tremendous support as we continue to grow and create new revenue streams.”

Welcome aboard, Jessica!

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the SPARK! board, email info@sparkdallas.org or call 214-421-7727 for more information.

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