Engage Their Brains Throughout Summer

By Beverly Davis
Remember the days of summer reading programs at the local library? I remember earning everything from stick-on-stars, to ribbons, to pizza and baseball tickets! I never really knew what motivated those programs, but since I was a kid and loved to read, I didn’t think much of it.

Now I understand the motivation. There are dozens of studies and many names for the motivation. We hear it called Summer Learning Loss, Summer Slide, and Summer Cognitive Decline. All this to say: if kids don’t engage in learning over the summer, they lose some of the “smarts” they gained during the school year. Research shows this is particularly prevalent for children in low income homes.

Beyond halting the slide, engaging kids in learning throughout the summer break has significant positive effects. That doesn’t mean you need to rush to enroll them in summer school. Instead, find something in which they are interested and engage in that. Most summer programs have a higher ratio of students to adults and are more individualized than school programs. With the array of camps, museum and maker space programs available, it’s easier to find programs in which a student can direct their own path for learning.

Often these summer programs feature hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Generally, they allow children to work in groups where they develop collaborative and social skills that more readily resemble the adult world for which we are trying to prepare them. When children engage in these high-quality programs over the summer, they’re more likely to identify their true interests and skills. These programs help them find a field of interest to pursue in secondary education. And, when kids are engaged in projects of their choosing, they actually learn more. They research online, they ask questions, they iterate and problem solve. These are the skills that support them through their entire lives and are the ones they don’t forget.

When you examine the benefits to some of the stellar summer options available today, kids can actually go farther over summer than ever before. Maybe programs such as the SPARK! Creator Studio and summer camps will go farther in preparing a child for secondary education than traditional schools!

Summer should be fun, and learning should be engaging. Let’s give them both at the same time.