Summer Camp 2021

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SPARK! Summer Camp 2021 Weekly Themes

Week 1 June 21- 25  Animal Planet [Zoology, Geography]

From the depths of the ocean to the tops of the mountain ranges, this Zoology and Geography themed week will look at habitats, the animals that call them home, and explore how this great big globe and its millions of creatures can benefit from our daily awareness of the environment. Meet live animals from the Animal Adventures Program by the Dallas Zoo, form mini habitats for your favorite animals, sculpt a colorful topographic map, and create your very own handmade nature journal! 

Week 2 June 28 – July 2  All The World’s A Stage (Theatre and Music)

Lights, camera, action! With the direction of Booker T. Washington Musical Theater student Ellie Sassano, campers will create their very own play or musical by exploring the creative skills needed in musical theater. For both the “front of house” and “back of house” personalities, campers will learn how to write a script, explore set design, create costumes, get techy with sound and lighting, and practice their acting chops. Camp culminates in a live performance on Friday in front of an audience of their new friends! 

Week 3 July 5-9  Survival Week [Wilderness & Life Skills]

How does a compass always point north? How do you make clean water? Campers will learn some real-life wilderness survival skills to prepare for their next outdoor adventure! Build a wilderness survival kit complete with artful creations made from paracord rope, compasses, mirrors, and a field notebook. “Bring Science to Life” with Wildlife on the Move where you will meet creepy, crawly critters, hear about their own survival adaptations, and even get a chance to interact with them! Learn Morse Code to decode some clues and use items from your kit to solve a scavenger hunt, build a tent, and more!  

Week 4 July 12 – 16 Break it, Brace it, Build It [Physics]

Challenge the laws of physics and engineering by designing and testing Rube Goldberg machines!  Using a combination of simple machines and ingenuity, work with a myriad of supplies to build machines that can paint a canvas, pour a snack into a dog’s bowl, or forge a signature. Try your hand at building a DaVinci Bridge, create a self-suspending Tensegrity sculpture, and invent your very own machine! 

Week 5 July 19 – 23  Space Week

Launch into the final fun-tier, search the stars, study the universe, and have a blast! Find out how craters are formed, create your own planets, and discover tools astronauts use in space. Hear from the Dallas Area Rocket Society about building and flying rockets. Design and launch your own rocket and watch it soar with a handmade telescope! Start the countdown because this camp will be out of this world! 

Week 6 July 26 – 30 That does What?? [Anatomy & Physiology]

Who doesn’t want to know how the body works? Sure, it can be gross, and messy, but kids will learn how our “magic machines” work to keep us going. Activities will include building a working heart and circulatory system, and creating a collaborative digestive system that will give campers the low down on what goes in, must come out! Explore the mystery of intestinal gas (always a kid-friendly topic!), and some of the other more laughable functions our bodies are capable of!  We will also be inviting in some guests, from a pro basketball player, to a pro skateboarder to show kids what the body can really do! Super fun, a bit physical, and tons of fun!

Week 7 Aug 2 – 6  Mad Scientist 

Explode with excitement as you make crazy concoctions with creative chemistry!  Mix up a variety of ingredients to make invisible ink, sparkling slime, and a lava lamp. Study the Periodic Table to elementize your name, favorite hobby, or animal using fabric letters.  Try out some chromatography crafts, create a lemon battery, and cook up some rainbow wizard’s brew!

Week 8 Aug 9 – 13 The Magic of Lights and Color  

Spark your curiosity and illuminate your imagination as we explore the spectrum of light, light refraction, and fiber optics! We will shine a light on the color wheel, decorate fabric with sewable LEDs, investigate shadows, create a kaleidoscope, and more!. Gleam with excitement with this light bending week of camp!