Summer Camp 2021

SPARK! is hosting 8 fun-filled weeks of Summer Camp. You can sign up online (and pay!) by clicking the button below!





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SPARK! Summer Camp 2021 Weekly Themes

Week 1 June 21- 25

 Animal Planet [Zoology, Geography]

From the depths of the ocean (on the SPARK! floor) to the tops of the mountain ranges, this Zoology and Geography themed week will look at habitats and the animals that call them home. Meet Sharks who walk on their fins across the sea floor,  learn why birds don’t sweat, and check out volcanos inside of glaciers! Create mini murals with your favorite animals and the homes they live in, sculpt a topographic map out of household items, and learn about how this great big globe and it’s millions of creeping, crawling, jumping, swimming, and running creatures can benefit from your daily awareness of the environment.

Week 2 June 28 – July 2

Theatre and Music

Lights, camera, action! Whether you are interested in set design, Campers will create their very own one act play or musical exploring the skills needed in musical theater.  As we combine music and theatrics the campers will create their own story line.  Camp  culminates in a live performance on Friday.  Children will experience writing a script, exploring set design, lighting, makeup, costumes, acting and directing.  This multi-discipline week is designed for both the “front of house, and back of house” personalities.    


Week 3 July 5-9

Survival Week [Wilderness & Life Skills]

How does a compass always point north? How can you tell time without a watch?  Learn morse code and make a compass to solve a scavenger hunt.  Learn how to build a tent with paracord rope and articles of clothing.  Our summer campers will learn some real life outdoor survival skills while in the comfort of our air conditioned facility.  We’ll also explore the richer side of nature with introductions to birds, butterflies, trees and wildflowers.  

Week 4 July 12 – 16

Little Hands, Big Thoughts [Physics]

Explore Chemistry, biology, physics and engineering.  We’re going to design machines!  Machines to paint a canvas, pour a snack into a dog’s bowl, or forge a signature!  For the itinerant inventor in all of us, this camp allows you to explore your inner Einstein, Edison or Tesla.  Working with the myriad of supplies and equipment at SPARK! Campers will bring their inspired ideas to life.

Week 5 July 19 – 23

Space Week

Search the stars , learn about moon phases, make a rocket!  Make a rocket – you bet and launch it too!  Campers will study the universe, explore the galaxy, peek into the beauty of outer space and create their own planets and let their imaginations soar with their own rocket ships.  

Week 6 July 26 – 30

That does What?? [Anatomy & Physiology]

Did you know you have a bone at the base of your tongue? Learn hydraulics and how your heart functions. Ponder why it is that you don’t actually have to think about breathing.  We’ll make a functional heart model, sculpt lungs and explore the digestive system.  Using a number of visual arts media kids will become their own mad scientists in this camp.  It’s a visual heart beating week of discover.

Week 7 Aug 2 – 6 

Mad Scientist 

Alchemist in Training [Chemistry]- Fizzing and exploring, explode with excitement as you make crazy concoctions. Make invisible ink. Make slime.  The big project of the week is a take home personalized sign for each camper’s room.   We’re going to elementize each campers’ name or favorite hobby, animal or activity using DIY fabric letters, the periodic table and the imagination and individual interests of each camper.  


Week 8 Aug 9 – 13

    Let there be LED’s 

How long is a light year? Explore light refraction and fiber optic discovery.  We’re going to use sewable LEDs to decorate fabric, clothing, watches, etc.  We’ll explore the spectrum of light, the RGB and shadowing.  We’ll look at the color wheel and learn primary, secondary and tertiary colors.  Children will utilize a number of mediums to explore the rainbow of color, fading, shading and reveals in their artwork.