Help Creativity Take Flight!

Children all over the DFW Metroplex are struggling to overcome disruptions and uncertainty in their personal and academic lives since the onset of the pandemic. The loss of that sense of stability has left children with feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and uncertainty. 

SPARK! is helping children rebound from this devastating blow to their academic and creative development through our fully immersive environment and hands-on creative learning programs. Children are encouraged to work with their peers on projects, developing crucial interpersonal skills that have been lacking from virtual learning. Simple things, such as identifying a problem and engaging creative solutions to solve it, are being reintroduced through our SPARK! programming. We are teaching these children to take their ideas and improve them by making small changes and approaching the project from different perspectives. Through play, social interaction, and our creative and fun activities, children are reigniting the SPARK! once again, and we are proud to help them regain the pride and confidence on the heels of such a difficult time. 

SPARK! help children’s creativity take flight, giving them confidence to face an uncertain and unpredictable world. 

When a caterpillar completes their transformation, and a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, it’s a magical transformation as this wonderful new creature takes to the sky! This journey is how we see SPARK! helping children as they navigate the challenges of a post pandemic world. The moment they walk through our butterfly doors, we are here to ignite the SPARK! of creativity inherent in ALL children. At SPARK! children discover their own creativity again, whatever form it may take, and learn they could always fly!

SPARK! needs your help to keep these programs available for our community! Donate today and you can support CREATIVE programs that help children discover their wings and let their creativity take flight!

Click the link below to donate via our secure online donation page, or mail your donation to SPARK! at 1409 Botham Jean Blvd, Ste 004, Dallas, TX 75215. We’re also on Venmo! @SPARKDallas

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