4 Creativity’s Sake

4 Creativity’s Sake

By Beverly Davis

Become a shareholder in your community. The best investment anyone can make is in the future.

This time of year brings requests from a myriad of nonprofit organizations who are working to balance their budgets, meet operating expenses and continue to provide much-needed services. 4 Creativity’s Sake, the SPARK! annual fund, is a crucial source of unrestricted income and one of the most important ways in which you can support SPARK!  

Each year, over 15,000 children engage in creative programming at SPARK! which builds their problem-solving skills, raises their self-esteem and better prepares them for their future as adult members of our community. By giving 4 Creativity’s Sake, you invest in the future of our community. In addition, you become a SPARK! shareholder and part of our team as a SPARK! Collaborator, a critical component to our success by giving of your time, talent and treasure.

Collaborator time means many things. Sometimes, it’s volunteering on the weekends to oversee family visits to SPARK!  This includes monitoring the Climb, Crawl, Slide Sculpture, overseeing the weekly creative activities, or even leading a special program.  It could mean volunteering in the office, stuffing envelopes, working a fundraiser or serving on one of the many committees that help us meet the demand for creative programming.  Our elite volunteers are our “SPARK! Plugs” who serve as “docents” of the facility.

Collaborator talent often is a combination of time and talent.  Our collaborators include lawyers, accountants, marketers, artists, sculptors and more, who help us build SPARK! and the incredible experience it is for kids.  Talent could even consist of light welding or maintenance. If you happen to have these skills, please call now – we need you!

Collaborator treasure focuses not only on the financial donations you bring, but also the in-kind materials provided for classes, field trips, and installations, even office furniture.  Now, at year end, we launch our annual fund campaign, 4 Creativity’s Sake, with the goal to increase donations that support operations throughout the coming year. By giving 4 Creativity’s Sake, you are contributing to the general operations and supporting a wide range of innovative and educational programs, as well as research and activities, including special installations and educational experiences that serve the entire North Texas community. 

Not only are you able to claim your gift as a deduction on your tax return, you can also become a SPARK! Collaborator.  Please, join the team. Invest in the future of our children.

I want to be a SPARK! Collaborator

Welcome aboard!  I look forward to seeing you at SPARK! soon.