Non-TEKS Creative Programming

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Cost Per Student Activity & Age Description
$15 Friendship Bracelets

(Ages 10+)

Create your own unique friendship bracelets by using a braiding technique on embroidery thread. By the end of the fun-filled activity, each child will leave with beautiful friendship bracelets that represent their individual personalities and style.
$17 Wands and Whimsy

(Ages 7+)

We all need a little magic in our lives, and this activity can help you with that! Whether you wish to be a wizard, fairy, or other wand wielding magic maker, this craft is for you. Create your wand using dowel rods, markers, cut outs, and ribbon.
$17 Personalized Canvas Painting

(Ages 7+)

Be inspired by words, or just let folks know who you are! You will get to create a simple painting utilizing tape to spell out your mantra, your name, or any other inspirational word you want on a canvas, and then paint like you’re Van Gogh, or Pollock! Canvas size is 8″ x 12″.
$17 Air Dry Clay Sculpting

(Ages 7+)

Make some really cool clay animal characters, yummy desserts, ballerina or awesome superhero characters with pre-colored Air Dry Clay! This incredibly fun “make and take”activity keeps your kids entertained with wacky, creative fun! What could you make? Anything’s possible!
$17 Jewelry Making

(Ages 7+)

Add some excitement and creativity to your visit with a polymer clay beaded bracelet activity. It’s the perfect way to engage students, encourage creativity, and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!
$17 Mask Making

(Ages 7+)

Become your own super hero, or be the belle of the costume ball with your own decorative mask of your own design! Bedazzle, feather, and color a cool mask to wear or display proudly in your home.
$20 Acrylic Pour

(Ages 8+)

With acrylic pour, the possibilities are endless. Mixing and swirling different colors together will create an incredible abstract painting that’s completely unique and one-of-a-kind. Each paint pour will be different, reflecting your individual style and creative vision.
$20 Tie Dye

(Ages 9+)

Have fun creating your own wearable art. Participants will learn tie dye techniques. Choose their design and color combination. Then put their skills to the test while they create their own tie dye t-shirt. Fabric is not included. Host or guests may bring their own t-shirt, pillow case, or socks to tie dye.