Halloween Spooktacular Featured Activity – Spooky Jars

With the Halloween Spooktacular only three days away, here’s our third and final featured activity, Spooky Jars. In case you didn’t catch the first two, we’ve shared blogs on Haunted Landscapes and Story Doodling on Trick-or-Treat Bags.

Like the first two activities, this one also helps kids identify as creative individuals. Between the ages of 14–16, researcher Viktor Lowenfeld shows that kids enter The Period of Decision;  the point in which they decide if they are or are not creative individuals. Their natural development of artistic abilities and creative inclinations will stop unless a conscious decision is made to continue and improve. Activities such as Spooky Jars, help kids broaden their understanding of art and learn to be creative across a variety of mediums.


Glass Jar

Battery Operated Tea Light

Paint + Small Sponge Brush

Fine-Tip Sharpie


Using a small sponge brush, coat the inside of an empty glass jar with your favorite color paint. (Stay away from dark colors.) Once dry, decorate the outside with a black, fine-tip Sharpie. Drop in the tea light and place somewhere for others to see!

Final product:

Spooky-Jars (2)

Halloween Spooktacular Featured Activity – Story Doodling

In celebration of our first-ever public event on October 31 at SPARK! we’re sharing three featured activities happening that day. Our first post was an overview of how oil pastels and black construction paper can be used in a project to spark creativity in kids ages 8–10 before they outgrow Halloween. More on that here.

Our second activity is story doodling on trick-or-treat bags, another craft we believe can challenge kids to think beyond what they know and tap into their imaginations to produce original work. According to a study on Drawing Development in Children by researcher Viktor Lowenfeld, kids enter the the “pseudo- naturalistic stage” around age 12. Meaning art is no longer a spontaneous activity because their focus has shifted towards creating “adult-like” naturalistic drawings. We’re confident that this activity will teach kids to be less critical of their work by helping them slow down and enjoy the process. Here’s how it works.


A brown paper bag

Story doodling worksheet



Utilize the worksheet as a brainstorming exercise. Next, review your worksheet to use it as inspiration to design your bag. Select your favorite doodle(s) and repeat across the surface of your bag.

Final Product:

Story-Doodling (1)

During the Halloween Spooktacular, you’ll also get to explore our newly renovated Creepy Crawl, see the Mad Scientist in action, and stop by all 13 treat stations. This event is open to families with children in 2nd grade through high school. No drop-offs are allowed. Admission is $8 in advance; $10 at the door.

Stay tuned for the next featured activity: Spooky Jars