Kara DeVita of Fossil Group Talks Student Creativity Showcase

SPARK! has partnered with Neiman Marcus and Fossil Group to host the Student Creativity Showcase for kids in second grade through high school. (Entries due by March 11.) SPARK! spoke with Kara DeVita, Head of Global Community Engagement at Fossil Group, about the importance of creativity and the benefits of participating in the Showcase.
How will children benefit from participating in the Student Creativity Showcase?
The courage of a young person to submit an original piece, whatever medium, is a sign of leadership.  The innovation and learning that come through the process are the benefits of participation in this Showcase. The pride and smiles on their faces are shared with us all.
Why is it important for kids to have ways to express their creativity?
Creativity is incredibly important in life, it helps you with so many important skills, including problem solving, collaboration and patience.
Why is creativity important at Fossil Group?
Creativity also provides fuel for innovative thinking. We believe in the power of innovation and this shows in our own product design and in our employees.
What do you look forward to most about the Student Creativity Showcase?
I’m looking forward to seeing all the great submissions and the smiles on the faces of everyone.
Tell me the ways in which Fossil Group is involved with SPARK!
Our employees have been volunteering at SPARK! for over a year now. We have employees who have helped design props, provide in-kind contributions to help with art projects, and we are proud to help serve as judges for this Student Creativity Showcase.

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