Group Visit Activities

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Cost Per Student Title Description TEKS Alignment
$10 Butterfly Life Cycle Mobiles Butterfly Life Cycle Mobiles allow participants to learn the different stages of the butterfly cycle, an insect with unique stages during the life cycle. Participants will review the different stages of the butterfly cycle and create small drawings of each phase. After finishing each phase, participants will take their drawings from their environment and assemble a 3D cloud chart Fine Arts, Science
$10 Cowboy Boot: Iconic Symbols Participants will understand the significance of landmarks, symbols, and celebrations in the community, state and nation through creative expression. Participants will review the symbols, landmarks and historical moments unique to Texas and create Texas inspired cowboy boot. Fine Arts, Social Studies
$10 Design your Own Planet Design your own planet allows participants to learn facts about planets in our solar system, relation to the son, and recognize patterns in the sky. They will then create a painting of one of the planets and have time to design their own unique planet. Fine Arts, Science
$10 Geometric Shapes and Monsters Participants will use geometric shapes to create made up monsters. They will then write down details of the character that they drew to be later used in the creation of a story. They will discuss the personality of their monsters (silly, nice, smart…) and other characteristics. Fine Arts, Mathematics
$10 Insect Creations Students learn body parts of insects and use various materials to build their own insects. Fine Arts, Science
$10 Picasso Inspired Animals: Fun with Mathematical Angles Participants will learn how Pablo Picasso used geometric shapes to create works of original artwork through creative expression. They will learn how to identify obtuse, right and acute angles and they will then use angles to draw a cubist inspired illustration of an animal and paint it. Fine Arts, Mathematics
$10 SPARK! Zoo Classification Students will learn about animal classifications while creating a team zoo that includes a mammal, bird, fish, reptile or amphibian. Within their individual art work they will include facts about their animal classifications as well as any unique adaptations their animal may have to their environment. Fine Arts, Science
$10 Water Cycle Mobiles Water cycle mobiles teach will learn the different stages of the water cycle as a recognizable pattern in the natural world on earth. Participants will review the different stages of the water cycle (precipitation, accumulation, evaporation, transpiration, and condensation) and create creative expression drawings of each phase. After finishing each phase, participants will take their drawings and assemble a 3D cloud mobile. Fine Arts, Science
$11 Adaptable Snake Participants will Illustrate a snake’s adaptive color and markings in its native environment as processes for survival. Participants will learn how these unique marking help with survival in its habitat and environment with other organisms. Fine Arts, Science
$11 Castles and Catapults Challenge Castles and Catapults allows participants to work in groups to design and build castles and catapults using simple materials such as a cardboard box, popsicle sticks and rubber bands. This lesson reviews force, motion and energy and changes that occur. After they build their catapults they will test for distance and accuracy. Then they will use iteration to improve on their designs, take ideas from their environment and have creative expression. They will learn about the physics of stored energy and how fulcrum points change the results. When their catapults and castles are complete, they will try to take down their opponent’s castle by launching their bolder/fluff ball into their opponent’s castle. Fine Arts, Science
$11 Design and Build a Vehicle Challenge Participants will plan and test model vehicle using various materials and learn about force, motion gravity and energy while working on teams and creating original car designs as a form of creative expression.  Participants will then review the parts of the scientific method and use the scientific method to test their vehicle and learn about variables- independent, dependent and controlled. Fine Arts, Science
$11 Roller Coaster Design Challenge The Roller Coaster Design Challenge will inspire ingenuity of simple materials like plates and Popsicle sticks to combine with the knowledge of force and motion.  Participants will learn about the force, motion gravity and energy while working on teams to design and build a roller coaster track for a marble. Through their roller coaster design, participants will illustrate a creative expression and show original artwork. Fine Arts, Science
$11 3D Construction: Homes, Buildings and Skyscrapers 3D Construction: Homes, Buildings and Skyscrapers allows participants to review 2D images of buildings that have integral 3D shapes to create their own buildings, skyscrapers, and or home Participants will identify and practice skills from constructing using a variety of art materials to create their own original 3D design as a form of creative expression. Fine Arts, Science
$12 Constructing Thaumatropes: Explore Continuous Streams of Motion and Illusions of Motion Constructing Thaumatropes: Optical Illusions that operate by switching between two images so rapidly that the images appear as one image.  This unit will explore continuous streams of motion and illusions of motion. Participants will understand that forces cause change and energy exists in many forms by investigating the phenomenon of persistence of vision. Create thaumatropes that go along with your unit or from the examples provided. Students will be able to do express motion animation through their self-created art thaumatrope as an original artwork. Fine Arts, Science
$8 Add on only: Create your own t-shirt Utilizing the discounted group rate for our Color-Your-Own T-Shirts, enhance your visit by coloring your own butterfly or dragon t-shirt! T-Shirts are $8 each when purchased for a group and are additional an additional cost. Creative
  • Your visit is split evenly between instructor-led activity and free, unstructured play.
  • All of our wonderfully creative activities are adaptable to any grade level.
  • A 1:10 chaperone to student ratio is required during every visit and are included in the visit cost.
  • Exceptions to the 1:10 ratio are made in the case of special needs outings. We allow as many required chaperones as your district deems needed.
  • Chaperones in addition to the required number may attend at an extra cost.
  • If you would like to eat lunch in our facility, 30 minutes will be added to your visit as well as a $50 cleaning fee.  You may bring your lunches in or have them delivered.