Classes & Badges

SPARK! Classes

Stay tuned for information on SPARK! Classes for Fall 2017!

When you take a class at SPARK! you have the opportunity to earn creativity badges. These badges are based on parts of the creative process, which we define as: Inspiration, with Iteration and Collaboration, leads to Innovation.

SPARK! Badges

Inspiration Badge- Have you been inspired to create something based on something you have seen, heard or experienced? The city at night time, a new friendship, the sound of birds are all things that can inspire paintings, music or other creations. The Inspiration badge is earned when you express through creativity something that has inspired you.

Iteration Badge- Have you created something that took several tries to achieve your desired outcome? That is what iteration is. All new things that are created go through a process of iteration.

Collaboration Badge- Work together with friends or family to be creative. At SPARK! we encourage collaboration as part of the creative process. We would like to see how you use collaboration during a creative process. The collaboration can be during the idea process, creation process or at any time of the process. The Collaboration badge is earned when creations are made by two or more people working together.

Innovation Badge- Have you worked with new materials or created something that in unique. The Innovation Badge encourages you to think outside the box and create in new and unexpected ways. The Innovation Badge is fueled by imagination and creativity.