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Amy Hite on SPARK! and NTGD

In the fall of 2010 I was having lunch with my friend Beverly Davis. A long-running marketing contract position was coming to an end and she had reached a crossroads in her career. She wanted to float an idea by me. She began telling me about City Museum in St. Louis, an interactive venue that she and her husband Devon frequented with their nieces and nephew. As she was talking about its appeal to older kids, all I could think about was how Dallas needed something like this. I said to her, “You have GOT to do this. There is nothing here like it. You don’t want to ever regret not trying this.” And with that, a SPARK! was born.

What is SPARK!

SPARK! provides children from second grade to high school with a fully immersive creative learning environment that develops their self-definition as creative individuals. Through an endless roster of workshops and pop-up activities, students exercise their creativity and learn from creative experts, innovators, and artists.


A Positive Impact

Studies show that children who self-define as creative have a higher self-esteem and perform better in school. All children are inherently creative but not all children are given the opportunity to explore their inherent creativity. SPARK! lets children realize their true creative potential, positively affecting academic performance, confidence and self-esteem.

Since opening its doors in June 2015 in the sub-basement of the historic South Side on Lamar building, SPARK! has engaged almost 17,500 children!

North Texas Giving Day

SPARK! would not exist without the valuable support it receives from generous donations and grants. North Texas Giving Day (NTGD) is an opportunity for people throughout the country to donate to their favorite nonprofits just like SPARK! North Texas Giving Day is powered by Communities Foundation of Texas. Overall in 2016, the Communities Foundation raised $37.3 million for 2,518 North Texas nonprofits in just 18 hours.

2017 marks the fourth year that SPARK! will participate. SPARK! has raised nearly $45,000 collectively over the past three years on North Texas Giving Day. This year NTGD is on Thursday, September 14. On this day all donations of $25 or more made through the NTGD website are eligible for bonus funds and prizes from Communities Foundation of Texas. A new feature this year is the ability to go online up to seven days in advance and schedule the amount you want to donate.

All donations to SPARK! are 100% tax deductible and will be used to support creative programming for children.

With your help, SPARK! can provide creative programming that can help shape the future of a million kids and families every year.